Rechargeable Circulator Fan
CLAYMORE’s V1040 is a wireless air circulator fan. With a large capacity battery, Li-ion 10,400mAh, it can be used for up to 23 hours with a single charge. The wind speed can be adjusted in 4 levels and the safety cage is detachable for dust-free storing. Easy to carry with the attached handle and can be used in countless ways with the attachable tripod. Furthermore, attached remote control can help you to operate V1040 easily.

Rechargeable Circulator Fan 

High Capacity Built-in Battery


Tripod Compatible

Package includes a tripod

4 Steps Wind Speed Control

MAX ~6.4 m/s


Battery Indicator

Display battery level when

power is on.

Enlarged Fan Blade (7.2 inch.)

More natural & comfortable wind

USB Type-C Charging Port

Greater convenience 



Removable safety Net

Separation / Cleaning

Tripod socket (1/4 inch)

Easy to connnect 

Timer function

1~4 hours timer setting




Vertically Adjustable

Tilt up to 60 degrees

Remote control

Can be attached to the back

Wireless Use

Up to 23 hours



    • ▶ USB Type-C rechargeable (Li-ion 10,400mAh)
    • ▶ 23 hours in low-speed, 7 hours in high-speed run time
    • ▶ 7.2 inch. fan blade
    • ▶ Brushless DC (BLDC)
    • ▶ 4 levels battery indicator
    • ▶ 1-2-3-4 hours off timer setting
    • ▶ Wireless-portable fan/air circulator for all season
    • ▶ Removable safety cage for easy cleaning
    • ▶ 4 steps wind speed, 1~4 hours timer setting
    • ▶ Quiet(15db) & powerful(6.4 m/s) airflow
    • ▶ Hanging, mounting on the tripod
    • ▶ Package includes a USB cable, tripod, remote control

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  • Product Name: CLAYMORE FAN V1040
  • Size: 282 x 252 x 410 mm / 11.10 x 9.92 x 16.14 inch.
  • Weight: 910g / 2lb
  • Battery: Li-ion 3.7V 10,400mAh
  • Input: USB 5V / 2A
  • Power Consumption: 12W
  • Run Time: 7 hours ~ 23 hours
  • Charging Time: 5.5 hours
  • In the Box: CLAYMORE FAN V1040, USB Cable Type-C, Tripod Stand, Remote Control, User Manual

7.2-inch tri-blade

Longer blades of different levels Experience 

a breeze that spreads in a different level.


 Cool and strong natural breeze 

Maximum wind speed: 6.4 m/s

Wind reach: 8m

10,400mAh Lithium-Ion rechargeable battery 

operates up to 23 hours 

after a single charge

Low wind speed: 23 hrs 

High wind speed:7 hrs.


USB type-C for easy charging 

You can charge it conveniently 

with Type-C

Charge time: 5.5 hours


Power bank function 

The 10,400mAh large capacity battery is sufficient power to charge

phones, lanterns, tablets, and more.

Remote Control 

Adjust ON/OFF, wind speed, timer from a distance with a exclusive remote control. 

There's a magnet holder on the back of the fan for easy storage!

One-touch Wind speed & timer

The wind speed button operates in a 1-2-3-4-OFF order.

You can set the auto off timer up to 4hrs

Battery level indicator

When you press wind speed button, 

the remaining battery displayed 

for 30seconds in 4 levels


Handle 180º adjustable

Adjust the head angle up and down

You can fix the breeze in the desired direction with the adjustable head up and down 60º.

*The head cannot be rotated left andright direction.


Detachable tripod 

Easy to separate tripod by twisting.

It can be carried lightly without a tripod or mounted elsewhere.

Tripod socket (1/4 inch) 

Compatible with various 

accessories with ¼ inch screws. 

Multi-pile driver, Gooseneck tripod, 

Multi clamp, Neodymium magnet, etc.



Double the height with an extension pole!

Add extension pole to send wind twice as high. 

*The extension pole is sold separately. 



Brushless-DC motor 

Regular motors are prone to wear due to friction and collect dust, 

but brushless motors with strong power and a long lifespan maintain a uniform air volume and energy even when used for a long time.

 AC motor

DC motor 

Difficult to fine-tune breeze

Easy to fine-tune breeze 

 Overheat after long use

Less heat after long use 

 Noise from motor

Almost no motor noise 

Short motor lifespan

Long motor lifespan

 Reduced energy efficiency

due to low power consumption

High energy efficiency

with high power consumption 

Easy cleaning 

Turn off the fan and separate safety cage and wipe main body with dry cloth. 

*The blades do not separate/detach.




Output (Power bank) 



Run time

7~32 hour


Battery capacity



 Charging time




243 x 226 x 350mm

282 x 252 x 410mm 





Fan / Tripod Stand / Charging cable (USB Type-C)

The Ultimate Solution for Outdoor Lighting.
Founded off of the idea to create cutting edge lighting solutions, Claymore’s brand philosophy continues to revolve around just that. This is why CLAYMORE products are compact and lightweight, yet powerful and functional. Through modern technology and functionality, Claymore has revolutionized the way we look at outdoor lights.