CLAYMORE x Epic Family Road Trip Special Edition [Heady+]

Outdoors and Claymore have collaborated with Epic Family Road Trip to release a limited quantity of exclusive Heady+ headlamps. 

This special light features the same specs we already know and love from Claymore with a refreshing redesigned strap and graphic elements.

For nearly three decades, Peter van Stralen has succeeded in creating remarkable experiences 

for his employees and customers through his principles of C.A.R.E. leadership. 

In 2015, he and his family embarked full-time on an Epic Family Road Trip that continues today, 

setting off across North America to work hard, have fun together, and make a difference in the world through caring for others.


The exclusive Heady+ with Claymore and Epic family Road Trip will be available to purchase on

The Ultimate Solution for Outdoor Lighting.
Founded off of the idea to create cutting edge lighting solutions, Claymore’s brand philosophy continues to revolve around just that. This is why CLAYMORE products are compact and lightweight, yet powerful and functional. Through modern technology and functionality, Claymore has revolutionized the way we look at outdoor lights.