Athena i
Rechargeable Lamp & Mosquito Repeller
Athena i is the wisest light that protects you from the darkness and mosquitoes. It is smaller than Athena but twice brighter (Maximum 800Lm). You can enjoy Athena i more with various accessories such as a shade, stand and reflector.
Color : white

Rechargeable Lamp 

Wisdom given by light like emerging from darkness, cooking food, and bringing people together to celebrate

This is why Athena was given the name of the goddess of wisdom and war.

The silhouette is inspired by the familiar shape of the lampshade, and the central pillar containing the battery is inspired by the pillars of the Parthenon, illuminating a golden light.

Athena will be the wisest light that protects you from darkness and mosquitoes with the heart of the goddess who became the motif of its name.


Maximum Brightness


3 mood lights






Hight-capacity battery

C-Type charging

Operationg time

MAX ~80hrs

¼” Mount  Compatible 



    • ▶Rechargeable LED LAMP
    • ▶Mosquito Repeller
    • ▶3 different Light Mode
    • ▶Dimming (Stepless)
    • ▶1/4" mount compatible (for Tripod) 
    • ▶Charging Port: USB Type-C 
    • ▶Battery indicator in 4 step 
    • ▶Protect Charing port by rubber cover
    • ▶1 LM = 1 Lumen = 1 Candlelight

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Product Name: CLAYMORE LAMP ‘Athena_i’, ‘Athena_i Cool’

Model No.: CLL-110WH / CLL-100MT

Color temperature: Athena_i ( 1,300K -  1,500K -  3,000K )  

                                Athena_i Cool  ( 1300K -  1500K -  6500K )

Brightness:    Athena_i (29~800 Lumen)

Athena_i Cool (30~950 Lumen)

Battery capacity: Li-ion 3.6V 9,800mAh (35.57Wh) 

Charging time: 3.5hrs 

Operating time: Lamp (8~88hrs)  /  Mosquito Repeller (6~12hrs)  /  Lamp+Repeller (4.5~11hrs) 

Input: USB 5V2A ~9V2A (18W) fast charging Type-C

Output: USB 5V2A ~9V2A (18W) fast charging Type-C 

Size :102.6×85.3×60.5mm 

Weight: 316g 

Color: White / Mint

Components: Lamp, Pouch, Charging cable(USB Type-C)

Origin: Made In Korea  

The Ultimate Solution for Outdoor Lighting.
Founded off of the idea to create cutting edge lighting solutions, Claymore’s brand philosophy continues to revolve around just that. This is why CLAYMORE products are compact and lightweight, yet powerful and functional. Through modern technology and functionality, Claymore has revolutionized the way we look at outdoor lights.